Community Outreach / Development



Our community outreach services are built on the foundation that all people should be granted access to programs that empower the community as a whole. We foster and genuinely welcome partnerships with local and major organizations who also believe that outreach should reflect the needs of the population, unite members of local neighborhoods in a common cause, and contribute to better communities in the future. Our client base is low-income individuals and families who are unemployed or underemployed who need assistance throughout the year to meet the basic necessities of life. Working together to build healthy communities and a continuum of care, HTDI and our Collaborative Partners conduct an array of activities throughout the year, which include community coat drives, food drives, fundraisers, and more, designed to increase interest in meeting the community needs by Helping Other People Excel.


Our community development services focus on preservation and selection of affordable homes. HOPE Through Divine Intervention (HTDI is one of a few non- profit organizations providing affordable housing for all low- and moderate-income populations. We serve families, seniors, and people with special needs with the full spectrum of affordable housing, including supportive housing for the formerly homeless, transitional housing, permanent rental, and affordable homeownership opportunities. HTDI not only helps provide quality, affordable housing programs to those in need, but also offers housing counseling services that help improve the community.


We help individuals and families learn skills and gain perspectives that make dreams of stability and hope a reality. The supportive housing properties are focused on the areas of housing stability, health, community building and employment. The homeownership program is a non-profit business providing affordable homes for qualified low and moderate income families residing in metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. To help in the home buying process, HTDI work with local financial institutions to help the home buyers. . Additional programs include a formalized homebuyer education course, individual financial packages, and personalized family counseling. Some of the homes are from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HTDI purchases the homes from HUD and resale them to the individuals or families at prices below market.