In 2014, HTDI launched a service for account management and financial literacy. Our consumers are able to access budget management assistance. We counsel, educate and train consumers to better understand their personal account activities. Our services assist consumers who are experiencing financial obstacles, including those with disabilities, low income, or receiving Social Security and/or Veterans benefits.

As our consumer representative payee, HTDI provides valuable services to include the following functions:

• Weekly checks to pay for food, shelter and personal expenses

• Monitor personal accounts for resource limitations

• Report required financials to Social Security Administration with supporting documentation

• Advocate for beneficiaries to protect, maintain or reinstate benefits through waiver appeal  to Social Security Administration

• Provide written reports to beneficiaries and if requested, to family members, case  managers, and social workers

Services Our Consumers Can Expect

• Personalized budgeting

• Regular and reliable distribution of funds

• Prompt payment of bills

• Account reports printed according to request

• Budgeting for special needs and savings goals

• Assisting case managers and support coordinators with maintenance of benefits

• Deposit your benefits as soon as they are received

• Hold your benefits in an interest bearing account

• Report wages and other types of income as they are received

We have a strong commitment to improve the financial lives of the individuals that we serve. Payee services can be built in with the continuum of care that we provide. By setting up a budget and teaching clients how to manage their finances, putting them in a better situation towards self sufficiency.